Why You Should Use a Mortgage Broker

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The simple reason? Mortgage Broker provide CHOICE!… if you only approach one bank, you will never know the rates, terms and flexibility other lenders and products offer.

Mortgage Broker History

Traditionally, Mortgage Brokers would help consumers who did not qualify for a mortgage from their own bank. This would be due to poor credit, poor documentation, or if the client was an undesirable risk. In many cases, unique properties would also require mortgage broker help. Brokers were viewed as the final line of defense when everything else failed.

No longer! Nowadays, Mortgage Brokers provide choice and options to the general public through mainstream mortgages. Now, most lenders have found it more efficient to provide brokers with their products to sell to customers than to invest in large bank or branch networks.  Since brokers are more efficient for lender networks, lenders are all too happy to lower their rates and improve products, benefitting everyone.

Mortgage Brokers of today have so much more to offer their clients than the clerk, account manager or mortgage specialist at a bank

Using a Mortgage Broker is Free!

In Canada, Mortgage Brokers are paid directly by the lender. So, except for some circumstances for unique files and specialty loans, you would never have any fees for our service. If you do have a special circumstance, any fee would be disclosed and discussed before work commences.

Mortgage Brokers are Experts

Mortgage Brokers are experts in their field. Unlike bank staff, we do one thing only: mortgages. An experienced Mortgage Broker has one goal, and it’s to get you the best mortgage possible. As experts, we have a thorough understanding of the mortgage market, all the available lenders, mortgage options, features and rates. This is what we do every day!

More Products and More Options

Mortgage Brokers have access to dozens of lenders and hundreds of products to choose from for your home financing needs. This access and open market makes lenders compete for your business. Competition has driven interest rates down and provides for more diverse products and more mortgage options.

Don’t settle for looking at only one product or option – talk to your Mortgage Broker about at least three different lenders and discuss which would be the best fit for you!

One Stop Shop for Home Financing

A good broker provides you with many mortgage choices with only one application. It’s possible that your bank has the best rates… but more often than not, the products and options that you bank have may not be the right solution for your home financing needs. You could go to other banks and lending companies but that would be time-consuming, stressful and overwhelming. A Mortgage Broker can do all of that for you in their one-stop-shop…

Mortgage and Financing Advice

Mortgage Brokers are the only mortgage representatives that can provide you with unbiased advice. Independent Mortgage Brokers are not employed by any particular lender, so we can consider all of them, based on merit and performance.

Independent, Licensed and Regulated

In British Columbia, Mortgage Brokers are government licensed. We have to go through exams and comply with mandatory education requirements and must pass a rigorous exam. We abide by the Mortgage Brokers Act and their regulations, which includes stringent ethics and confidentiality protocols. For us, this is a profession, a career in which we take great pride in.

Bank representatives are not required to have their Mortgage Brokers license or take educational courses. Bank representatives are also, by law, not allowed to provide you with rates or quotes of any other lender but their own. 

In for the Long Haul

Since Mortgage Brokers only do mortgages, you won’t see your broker switch from department to department and branch to branch. In many cases, your bank representative, if they are good, will get promoted; and if they are bad, they stay put! It’s a lose-lose situation at the bank.

With Mortgage Brokers, we are here for your first mortgage, your second and all of your renewals.


There are no line-ups with Mortgage Brokers… In fact, in most cases you don’t even have to go anywhere at all – many Mortgage Brokers can complete an entire application over the phone and online. And, Mortgage Brokers work when you want us to work because we know that for working individuals and families, it’s not always easy to have a financial discussion during business hours.


The market share for Mortgage Brokers rises every year. People LIKE their Brokers and use them again and again and refer their family and friends. Brokers know that without happy clients and satisfied customers, they do not have a business – there’s no huge bank or brand to stand behind. We do our best to create customers for life through amazing rates, service and advice.

So, before you go buy your first home or refinance your mortgage, why don’t you contact a Mortgage Broker? One call could save you thousands of dollars!

Guest Post by 

Eitan Pinsky Mortgage Expert

Eitan is a Mortgage Expert with Origin Mortgages, a Dominion Lending Centres franchise. Eitan prides himself on providing the best mortgage advice to his clients by having at least 3 bids from different lenders for each client to choose from, putting his clients in the drivers seat. Call him at 778-990-8950 today or visit EitanPinsky.ca.