Organic Thai Spa, The Place in Kitsilano to Relax

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It’s easy to neglect taking care of yourself when life gets busy. Making time for regular massages will rejuvenate the mind and body.

The Organic Thai Spa has been delivering authentic Thai massages to clients in Kitsilano for over a decade.

Types of Thai Massage Therapies

Various different forms of massage therapies were developed in Thailand’s Buddhist monasteries over 2500 years ago to help monks maintain their health. Depending on the ailment or discomfort they are meant to address, some massages involve light stretching while others involve the application of herb compresses, heat, or oils.

The Organic Thai Spa offers several authentic Thai massage treatments to aid with detoxification, relaxation, stress and pain relief, and mental clarity.  Some therapies for you to choose from include: (VIEW FULL LIST OF SERVICES HERE)

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