New Syrian-Lebanese pop-up “Yasma” launches in Kitsilano

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A new Syrian-Lebanese pop-up restaurant offering takeout and delivery has launched in Vancouver, and it’s called Yasma. This new concept comes to us from the same folks behind Kitsilano’s Dark Table and aims to bring flavours and dishes of the Levant region to Vancouver.

(Daily Hive- Yasma Lamb Burger/Leila Kwok)

“These dishes are laced deeply within our culture and tied to memories of family and friends, which we hold close to our hearts,” says Sami Mousattat, general manager of Yasma. “The food of the Levant tells our stories and we want to share our passion for this cuisine with Vancouver in the way it was intended.”

Yasma, which will operate out of the Dark Table kitchen, offers diners a great selection of Syrian and Lebanese dishes made with fine imported spices and locally sourced, halal, in-house butchered meats. The menu from Yasma includes a selection of cold mezze and salads like Babba Ganouch, Saffron Labneh, Eggplant Mutabbal, and Fattoush Salad, Tabouleh Salad, and Yalandji (grape leaves).