Live Work Spaces in Kitsilano

That old saying, “keep your work at work,” has never been less relevant it is today.Now, not only is there an abundance of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and crafty Etsy moguls, but an abundance of virtual workers, workers who can do all, if not more, work at home on their computer than at the office. What does this mean for your home though? Stacks of papers on the dining room table? Your kids tearing through, un-organizing files? The ever present smell of hot glue in your kitchen

If you are one of these individuals who is bringing, maybe even keeping, your work at home, a live work space might be the right choice for you. These spaces are generally more open than purely residential homes and condos. They tend to have an unencumbered area that one can easy transform into a show room or work space. Specific building bylaws are required for Vancouver buildings to be granted Live Work Status. Obviously, the building must be designed to work as a home and a commercial space.

Still feeling weary? Well, in addition to minimizing your commute by a ten fold, here are a number of advantages to work live apartments. For one, you’ll save money. Rather than pay rent for an office space, save the money from your KickstarterCampaign. Office space is pricey, so is fuel, toll fares, parking, and all the other costs that come with commuting further than a flight a stairs. Plus, if you run your business from your home, you can usually write off 70% of the space as Commercial. In a normal residential home, you can only write off 25%.

If you fear of missing out on the social aspect of an office, don’t. Many work live spaces instill a sense of community within the building and neighbourhood. For example, check out the work live programs created in the artist community. ( This is mainly because they tend to be located in an area of other work space buildings and, tend to have communal work areas as well. This can be very beneficial for your home business. It allows for networking, collaborating and cross promotion.

So, whether you’re finally ready to start up your own barber shop, or want a professional space to sell and work on your art, or maybe just need an open space to manage your business, a work live space could be the perfect solution to do just that.

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