Kitsilano housing proposal sees “overwhelmingly positive” response

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The precise unit mix has not been decided on, but the market condominium portion of the project could account for between 10% and 30% — 600 to 1,800 units — of the total number of the units. The remaining units will mostly be rental homes — a substantial quantity that could potentially fulfill as much as a quarter of the City of Vancouver’s 10-year housing strategy of catalyzing 20,000 purpose-built market rental homes between 2018 and 2027. It would also be supported by about 2,000 vehicle parking stalls, while the latest 2019 proposal only envisions providing about 10% of the 6,000 homes with parking — possibly as little as 600 vehicle parking stalls with significantly more density.

(Revery Architecture / Westbank / Squamish Nation)