Kitsilano Houses: Arts & Crafts Style

Continuing our series of Kitsilano House Styles is the very unique and always interesting: English Arts & Crafts style, popular between 1910 and 1930.

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As you can tell from the exterior designs, it was inspired by the look of English country cottages and manor houses. It becomes popular because it touched on artistic and ideological ideas amidst the rapid industrialization of the time (evident in the boxy style of houses that were becoming the norm). One architect, in particular, Samuel Maclure, was the prominent Arts & Crafts Style designer of the time, so many of the houses were unique, though had the same characteristics. They have very similar characteristics to Tudor style homes but have a little bit more rustic charm.

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Take a look at the photos, and you’ll have a good sense of the style. The homes were often lower to the ground and incorporated into the trees and garden on the lot. They are often asymmetrical, have steep pitched roofs (often gable roofs). The main entrance is often a telling feature of the Arts & Crafts Style houses, as it’s fairly discrete, with a covered porch, lots of greenery and small windows in the door. Stone is used often in the build, typically in the chimneys and surround, while other materials, like shingles, siding, brick, and stucco. Often, the houses will have decorative trim on the exterior, similar to Tudor style houses. Windows were often decorated, with unique designs made with thin pieces of lead.

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Given the age, size and expressive style of the homes, the best place to find them is in some parts of Kitsilano, but mostly Shaughnessy. A quick search through current Kitsilano Houses for Sale (as of May 12) and none are of the Arts & Crafts style.

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