Kitsilano Condo Reno: 1950 West 8th Ave

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Interested in Doing a Renovation?

Are you wondering what you can do with an old space in Kitsilano? Older building often have nice floor plans and offer (much) more square footage than new buildings. The buildings are in established areas in Kitsilano, and can have some decent outdoor space, and if you’re lucky, a (protected) view since there isn’t space nearby to build anything new and tall.

As long as the building has been updated recently, building an older condo building is a good investment. Major building upgrades like rain screening, a new roof, updated plumbing, a new parkade membrane and modern hallways and elevators are all big, unavoidable projects so if you’re looking at buying an older condo building with some or all of these updates, the building will be in good shape for the future.

Many older buildings in Kitsilano don’t offer in suite laundry (they were built with shared laundry machines back in the day) but some buildings are allowing the installation of in suite laundry (with strata approval) if the pipes have been updated.

Overall, renovation projects are expensive, time consuming projects, but they can be very well worth it. For people new to construction and design, I highly recommend hiring a project manager to manage the renovation (ordering materials, securing approvals, coordinating the trades people, offering ideas, etc). Though you’ll pay for their services, they’ll make your life much easier thanks to their experience and know-how. For people with some experience, a renovation can be a satisfying way of adding your own edge to a space, to help you really create the home you’re looking for.

1950 West 8th Ave.

Take a look at the renovation of this 2 bedroom condo currently for sale in Kitsilano: #101 1950 West 8th Ave. This is not our listing, nor did I do the renovation, however I have seen the unit in person and the renovation was done very well.

Sale Price $498,000
MLS®# V1085689
Type Apartment/Condo
Built In 1972
Living Area 1051 sq.ft.
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1 full
Maintenance Fee $298.54/mo.

The home was sold in April 2014 (it was an estate sale) and renovated the following months. The home has only 1 bathroom, and no in suite laundry. However, the 2 bedroom unit has a lot of space with 1050 sqft, a long balcony (overlooking both the laneway and the common building green space), parking, storage and it allows rentals without restriction. Of course, this bright, modern renovation helps!

Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen renovation was done really well – modern cabinets, italian marble backsplash, quartz counters, great finishings, stainless steel appliances and it was put together nicely. They made smart decisions when it came to the type of cabinets and how everything fits together nicely (i.e. fitting the cabinets tightly around the fridge to make is a cohesive, useful space).

kits condo renovations before and after kitchen


This pass through style of kitchen is very popular in older Kitsilano buildings, but the design gives you some options when it comes to a renovation. You can extend the counter along the dining room wall to create more counter and cupboard space, or a tall pantry You can also look into removing some of the wall the stove is against to open up the kitchen to the living space and give you a chance to get a great looking hood fan (this renovation didn’t do either of these, but they are options).

Living Room Renovation

Not much was renovated in the living room, but notice that the great engineered flooring was carried through the entire unit to give it a free flowing feel. A fresh paint job, new light fixtures and updated blinds really help the space.

before and after reno living room in Kits

There isn’t much more you can do to a living room, but there are options if you want to create built-in’s or storage/shelves (the new owner still has these options). Lighting is also something else that could have been added – pot lights or extra ceilings lights would bring some more brightness to the space (though adding pot lights can be a bigger project than expected).

Bedroom Renovation

The photos from the old listing don’t give you much idea as to what the bedroom looked like before, but the room now boasts a walk through closet (to the cheater ensuite bathroom) and lots of space. Again, the flooring was carried through the entire space, and new blinds and light fixtures finish the space.

condo bedroom before and after renovation in Kitsilano

This is a massive bedroom, with more than enough room for a large bed, night stands and more storage.

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom renovation was another space that was done well. A brand new tub, toilet, vanity, mirror, light fixtures and tile surround give this bathroom a clean, modern feel. There is a large drawer under the sink for storage, and lots of room under the entire vanity for baskets of extra necessities. You can notice in the reflection in the “after” shot the sliding door. In order to save space from a large swinging door, the renovators made the smart decision to add a sliding door as the entrance door from the Master bedroom.

Kitsilano condo bathroom renovation

I’m not a big fan of these extra large sinks since it lacks the counter space that I like, however the sink is modern and fits the space well. Again, the flooring was continued throughout the space. Hardwood isn’t great in bathrooms (due to the moisture and water) however, it’s not terrible.

Kitsilano Condo Renovations

Overall, this renovation was done well. They renovators didn’t go overboard with extras that are hard to implement (surely to keep their costs low) however, the space flows nicely and has the modern feel many Buyers are looking for. A renovation of this size and style probably cost between $45,000 and $60,000 (my guess). Of course, doing the work yourself vs hiring professionals can make a big difference on price, as can the types of finishings chosen.

Contact the LiveKitsilano Team if you’re interested in buying a property to renovate – we can get you started on things you need to know and what the process can entail.