Kitsilano Activities

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Summer has been over for awhile, and though Kitsilano has it’s fair share of nice patios, fantastic beaches and great parks – it’s a little too cold to spend hours relaxing outside. So here’s a small list of ideas, places and more to spark your imagination when a rainy day comes and you want to get to to enjoy the Kitsilano neighbourhood.

1. Museum of Vancouver

This is always a great place to go, and always underrated. Located on Chestnut Street in Kits Point, this museum has really interesting permanent exhibits detailing Vancouver from the 1900’s through the 1970’s. Get to know this city a little better through a visual and enriching artifacts and information. They also have a few rotaing exhibits, currently focusing on Vancouver Street Photography through Foncie’s Fotos (a famous post war Vancouver photographer), as well as other artists. There is also an exhibit focusing on Daniel Even White, an innovative West Coast Architect.

The Museum of Vancouver is open every day except Mondays, from 10-5pm, with extended hours on Thursday nights.

2. Kitsilano Black Friday Sale from November 29 to December 1

In an attempt to entice shoppers in the Christmas Rush, Kitsilano – along with many other neighbourhoods inVancouver – are having a city wide Black Friday Sale. The participating stores in Kitsilano will offer amazing deals not often seen, so take advantage while you can. There may be some crowds, but you’ll come away with some amazing deals. i always like to scope out the stores beforehand so I know what I want, making Black Friday shopping that much easier.

Check out the participating stores and get more information on the Vancouver Business Associations Website.

3. Find a new restaurant!

Do you always end up going to the same few spots? I’m a big fan of being a restaurant regular, but there are many intriguing spots in Kitsilano, and many of them offering warm food perfect for this time of year. Check out our list of our favourite Kitsilano restaurants, or take a peek through Kitsilano Yelp Listings to see what others are saying. The Oakwood, Fable, Burgoo, Colony, Nuba and Thomas Haas for Hot Chocolate and treats are all pretty great destinations if you’re never been!

4. Use the Community Centre

Kitsilano has a great community centre, offering lots of programs for families and kids. From skating, to dance, to arts, and more, there will be something for everyone to learn. There is the Kitsilano Community Centre on Larch, with the West Point Grey Community Centre and the False Creek Community Centre both close to Kits.