Kits Point Real Estate

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Map of Kits Point real estate in Vancouver

Kitsilano Neighbourhoods: Kits Point

Kits Point is a specific enclave in Kitsilano. Protruding out into False Creek, Kits Point is located north of Cornwall Ave between the Burrard Bridge and Kitsilano Beach. Given it’s location and special history, Kits Point has a variety of options when it comes to real estate, including single family homes, duplexes, townhomes and low rise condos.

About Kits Point

The Kits Point Neighbourhood has a lot going for it. Not only is it within a few blocks of the Seawall (from wherever you are in Kit Point), but you have three great Vancouver Attractions, some shops and restaurants and you’re a stone’s throw to downtown and West 4th Ave.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum, The Museum of Vancouver and the HR Macmillan Space Centre all call Kits Point Home, Not only that, but Bard on the Beach, Vancouver’s Summer Shakespeare Play Series, the Vancouver Academy of Music and the Burrard Civic Marina can all be found in Kits Point.

Spend your days enjoying the grassy area of Vanier Park, and walk East down the Seawall to Granville Island or West down the Seawall to Kitsilano Beach and Pool.

In terms of restaurants, Kits Point has a lot of great options. Juliet’s Cafe is a favourite for brunch and lunch, Octopus Garden is a great Japanese restaurant, Siegel’s Bagels will be your weekday breakfast, Corduroy is a perfect little bar to escape to watch the game, have a great conversation with friends or a fun night out, and there are a number of other small restaurants to satisfy any cravings, along with a number of Coffee Shops – Starbucks, Bean Around the World – that you won’t have to go far for a quick fix. Beyond that, the restaurants near Kits Beach – Boathouse, Local, Abigail’s Party, Thai Basil – are only down the street.

Kits Point neighbourhood Vancouver cafe

Kits Point Real Estate

In terms of Real Estate, Kits Point has a lot of great options. The streets have a wonderful, quiet neighbourhood feel (for the most part, the only people driving through the streets live in Kits Point) with large trees and well kept character houses – whether West Coast 70’s Modern or Classic Kitsilano Character Homes. Lots of these homes have mountain views from the upper floors, and many of the homes were built to take advantage of this.

Kits Point has maintained a lower density, with only a few low rise condo buildings, generally found on the outer edges of the neighbourhood. Otherwise you can find single detached houses, row homes, townhomes and many duplexes. With Henry Hudson Elementary south across Cornwall Ave, this is a great family neighbourhood.

Street parking is widely available, and in many areas, is restricted to residents who live in the block.

Use our Map Search to find Kits Point Real Estate for sale: place the pin drop in Kits Point then increase the pin drop radius to cover the area you’re interested in.

Kits Point Condos

All of the condos in Kits Point are older (circa late 1970’s) low rise, wood frame buildings. There are only a few notable buildings, particularly Cypress West at 1425 Cypress, Walnut Place at 1424 Walnut and Kitsilano Point at 1450 Laburnum (click each building name to see current units for sale.

These buildings offer 1 and 2 bedrooms units, with the lower end units priced around $300k and and bigger, renovated units averaging between $400k and $600k. Though the building’s look older, as long as they have been maintained you can be confident in purchasing in these buildings. Given the location to downtown and the rest of Kitsilano, these units can be great investment properties for those looking to rent out a unit.

Kits point real estate Laburnum

Kits Point Townhomes and Half Duplexes

There are a significant number of townhomes and half duplexes in Kits Point. Many of which look like a single house but have been separated into multiple units. You’ll notice a lot of “modern” architecture in Kits Point – lots of late 1970’s and 1980’s built building with unique architecture – vaulted ceilings, interesting lines, skylights, good outdoor space, lots of nice landscaping and floor plans that make use of the sight lines and exposure.

Townhouses and 1/2 Duplexes in Kits Point vary in price depending on size, lot, renovations, building upgrades and views, however you can expect the range to be somewhere from $600,000 to upwards of $1.5-million. Like anywhere else in the city – the half duplexes are worth more than the townhomes.

Kits Point real estate townhomes Vancouver

Kits Point Detached Houses

Detached houses in Kits Point range from classic Kitsilano Character homes (built around 1920’s and upwards), 1970’s & 1980’s designed homes and modern rebuilds that feature all of the best in finishings. The lots in Kits Point are generally the standard 33′ x 120′, however, you’ll see shorter lots and wider lots depending on the lay of the land. Detached Houses in Kits Point will be at least $1.3-million, and much more if the house is new or renovated.

Whyte Kitsilano point real estate

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Kits Point

Let the LiveKitsilano Team know if you’re interested in buying property in Kits Point – the neighbourhood is a little smaller so it helps to stay on top of the listings so you can jump on a great property when it hits the market.

If you’re interested in selling, contact us for a complete marketing plan, comparative analysis and thorough understanding of the current market and your home’s value.