Interested in Selling Your 2 Bedroom Condo or Townhome in Kits?

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Keeping in-line with our Home Selling Information Series, here’s a snapshot of Kitsilano’s real estate market.

Our LiveKitsilano Real Estate Team has a handful of clients looking to buy a 2 bedroom condo or townhouse in Kitsilano, at a few different price points (including under $360,000, under $600,000, around $700,000, over $1.2million and between). Each client has a unique request and we have yet to find the right home. If you have a 2 bedroom condo or townhouse in Kitsilano that you’ve been thinking of selling – contact us (or if you already have a relationship with a realtor, have them contact us)! Our Buyers are qualified and eager to purchase, and your home could be the one. Save yourself the hassle of listing your home on MLS and going through the entire home selling process. We’ll ensure your home is sold for market value based on recent and current comparable listings.

Some of the units we’re hoping for in particular include:

  • A two bedroom, two bathroom home on 1 or 2 levels with good outdoor space. At least 900sqft with good sized, separated bedrooms
  • A two bedroom condo or townhouse without a unit above (a quiet unit), over 900sqft. Ideally concrete, but that isn’t a deal breaker.
  • A renovated or modern one bedroom unit over 500sqft, North of Broadway, rentals allowed without restriction

Exclusive listings – homes that are sold without being on MLS – are fairly common in Vancouver Real Estate. Many Sellers would rather the quick sale that requires less energy (to clean and organize for open houses or showings) so they can move on with the buying process. We have a handful of clients – Buyers who are looking for something specific, and Sellers who have expressed interest in selling in the future – and we’re always happy to help make this process easy.

Email Kristi at [email protected] or call 778-387-7371

There is no obligation if you contact us, we’re just trying to satisfy Buyer and Seller demand! We can discuss your options, as well as what you can expect in this exclusive process.