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You can now tell if it’s worth installing solar panels on your roof, thanks to Google Maps.

Google is aiming to help you make the switch to solar. The new service called Project Sunroof uses information collected by Google Maps to figure out how much sun your roof receives, and ultimately how much you could save each year if you switched to solar energy.

Project Sunroof analyzes the positioning of the sun over the course of a year, as well as cloud coverage, temperature the area typically experiences, and any obstructions such as nearby buildings and trees.

Solar panel map of kitsilano roofs

With this data it calculates how many solar panels you’d need and how much you could save on your electricity bill. With increasing electricity bills and falling installation costs, switching to solar and harnessing a free power source is often a win-win choice for many families, not to mention the increase in property value solar adds.

However, it is possible that your home doesn’t get enough sunlight due to a number of external factors, and until now it was hard to accurately calculate how much money you’ll save.

If you decide solar would be beneficial to you, Project Sunroof suggests installers nearby who can install the panels.

Unfortunately, Project Sunroof is only available for people living in Boston, San Francisco, and Fresno, but Google has said it plans to expand the service.

If you don’t want to wait for Project Sunroof before you install solar panels, visit BC Hydro’s website for more information.

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