Best Patios in Kitsilano

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PHOTO CRED- Lucky’s Tacos (Full Story CRED- DailyHive)

Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood is known for its quaint shops, bustling beaches, cuddly dogs, adorable babies, and of course, its epically sunny patios. This beachside paradise is the perfect place to lounge out and relax on a patio, and there are tons of options to pick from.

If you’re feeling Parisienne, please visit Au Comptoir’s 4-table outdoor seating options as well. They may not have a “patio” per se, but their outdoor tables à-la-curb offer spectacular people-watching, the same outstanding food/wine, and quality service. #tresmagnifique

Here are the best patios in Kitsilano you need to check out this season- YOUR PATIO AWAITS HERE