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Best of Kits

This is only a small selection of some of our favourites in Kitsilano. The neighbourhood is always changing so we’ll be out taking it all in.

Best Kitsilano Brunch – Cafe Zen

Plenty of good options here, but we love the portions and crowd at Cafe Zen on Yew Street. Abigail’s Party, conveniently located right next door, is also an excellent option if you don’t like the wait time at Cafe Zen. And try Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe on 4th Ave at Dunbar… a little out of the heart of Kits, but OUTSTANDING local/organic food and they’re known for their delicious pies.

Best Kitsilano Patio – Local Public Eatery

Hands down. Great place to see and been seen. Killer location. Surprisingly decent food. The only downside? Expect to wait a while to get a seat. If you are looking for a sunny patio without the wait, the Smoking Dog Bistro on 1st & Cypress is a great alternative. A little quieter, but just as sunny!

Best Kitsilano Date Place – Trattoria on 4th

A great room, friendly staff and delicious menu make this a guaranteed hit. Order a few of the share plates and a great bottle of wine, and you’ll be golden. If you are looking for a less-obvious option, try Baru Latino on Alma. Terrific South American dishes and a darker more secluded atmosphere to set the mood.

Best Post-Work Cocktails in Kitsilano – Brown’s

Cheap drinks, $6 appies before 6pm, plenty of TVs for hockey season and a great patio in the Summer, Brown’s has been a welcome addition to the Kitsilano Bar and Restaurant scene.

Best Takeout in Kitsilano – The Noodlebox

Quick and tasty stirfrys and noodle dishes. Delicious and healthy-ish. Relatively quick and you can even order a beer while you wait.

Best Late Night Eatery in Kitsilano – Abigail’s Party

A hidden gem. Open until 2am. Intimate room. Perfect for late night munchies. Hell’s Kitchen is your next best option here, with the kitchen open until 1am. Benny’s Bagels at West Broadway and Larch is also a good option for late night eats – they’re famous for their bagels and other snacks, and they do serve alcohol.

Best Kitsilano Coffee – 49th Parallel

We’ll be honest. We don’t drink coffee (weird, we know). But we hear it’s good, and this place is known as one of the best in the city.

Best Place to Dance in Kitsilano – Lola’s Cabaret

Not a lot of options here. And be warned: The typical crowd is under 25. We’d highly recommend just starting your own impromptu dance party at basically any other Kits establishment.

Best Shopping in Kits – West 4th Avenue

All of it. Seriously. Though our favourites our Kitsilano Wine Cellar, Brier’s and Gravity Pope. Kitsilano has always been a hot spot for great labels, both local and international, so there’s always something new coming to West 4th Ave. For information on all the shops: Shop West 4th Ave.