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Keeping in-line with our Home Selling Information Series, here are some reasons to list your home with


We decided to put together a quick infographic detailing some of the best reasons in selling your Kitsilano home with the LiveKitsilano Real Estate Team. This image below lists some of the great marketing outlets we use to promote your listing, both to Vancouver and Internationally. Great visibility leads to more prospective Buyers which leads to higher interest to hopefully result in a quicker sale for a higher price.

Not included in this image is our market knowledge and hard work. We have the skills and resources to reach a big market. If you’re interested in selling your Kitsilano home – whether soon (we can have your listing ready to go in days), or whether you’re thinking you’d like to list next year (in which case we can discuss a plan) or if you’re thinking sometime down the road (we’ll keep you up to date on the market) then let us know! We’re happy to get you started.

You can request a Comparative Market Evaluation, or contact us to let us know what you’re thinking.

Here's why to list your home with LiveKitsilano


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