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We at LiveKitsilano get a lot of inquiries from people who aren’t using a realtor in their home search, and I wonder, why not have a professional, knowledgeable realtor working for you?

You use professionals for so many other aspects of your life, and with real estate being one of the biggest purchases you’ll make, it pays to have some guiding you in the process, removing some of the stress and giving you the inside information you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Many people think that because realtors make commission, that we don’t have your best interests in mind since we’re just pushing for the highest sale – but that can’t be further from the truth. We would rather do a fantastic job with a client that may earn us some referrals and positive words from happy clients, than risk pushing a client into uncomfortable territory. Ethics, kindness and knowledge are rewarded in this industry, and that’s what we want to be known for.

In the Vancouver Real Estate Market, an active and fast moving market with lots of different options, you need a professional to help you navigate and open your eyes to value and new neighbourhoods.

A few other reasons to use the LiveKitsilano Team as your Real Estate Representative

1. You don’t have to pay us! The Listing Agent of the property you buy offers a portion of their commission since we were involved in the successful transaction. Not only that, but we usually get you a great present to help you settle in to your new home :)

2. It’s our job to know the Real Estate market, the trends, the available inventory and more. Are you interested in a unit in a certain building? We’ve probably seen it, or have sold a unit in the building previously. This background information is really helpful when it comes to knowing the building and what you might be buying into. You can tell us of a unit, and we’ll be able to tell you of comparable units that should be considered as well.

3. We know how to negotiate. We have years of negotiation behind us in different types of situations. We’ll ensure that get you the best price possible given the value of the unit, now and in the future, as well as the best terms (the dates that work best for you, and contract conditions in your favour). Everything counts when you’re negotiating.

4. We know Building Systems. Vancouver has a lot of older building in various stages of (necessary) remediation. Using our building knowledge, strata knowledge and having home inspectors we trust on our side, we’ll ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying into, and what might be expected in the future in terms of financial burden and the actual building maintenance (it can be a hassle to live through a rain screen or full plumbing repair!).

5. We have a good reputation in Kitsilano, and Vancouver, and because of this, other Realtors trust us, and this trust goes a long way in negotiating any deal.

6. We have a pulse on the “hidden” Kitsilano Market – we may have a handful of homes that are available for private sale, or Sellers who would be interested in selling if the right Buyer comes along (but doesn’t yet want to list on the open market) and we often know about upcoming listings in the neighbourhood before they even hit MLS. We’ll get you in to see these listings before anyone else, giving you an advantage on finding the perfect place.

7. Together, we have years of renovation experience in condos, townhouses and detached houses, so if you’re looking for a reno project, or find a place that might need a little bit of work to bring it up to your standards, we can give you some information about the potential cost and process.

8. We have easy to use, online tools that will keep you informed on the market. If you’re looking to buy a property, we can get you set up on a system that will email you a list of all properties that are for sale, changed their price, or sold that match what you’re looking for, so you can follow the market without having to use the (terribly designed) website. If you’re looking to sell, we have a Monthly Market Snapshot that will let you know what houses around you have sold for, as well as some other information about the current market. Very useful to keep tabs on the market, especially if you’re not quite ready to jump in.

9. We’re always available – some listing agents will only deal with people who use Realtors, and not every home will have an Open House, so you’ll need an agent to get you in to see these homes. You’re much better off using someone with whom you have a trusting relationship.

10. We love our job. Real Estate is an interesting career – it’s a lot of work but the rewards far outweigh the work. Our main goal? To make sure that the home buying process is fun, knowledgable and successful.

If you’re already working with a realtor, we have to respect that relationship (unless you chose to terminate it yourself). However, if you’re not already working with a realtor, let’s sit down to get to know each other – how we work, what your expectations are (of us and the market), and your current knowledge of buildings and buying real estate. Contact us, and let’s get this process started!

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